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Unlike Obama, President Trump Has Yet To Blame His Predecessor



Barack Obama “spread the blame” just like he “spread the wealth.”

In fact, not once during his presidency did he take responsibility for anything with negative consequences.

Obama’s policies left America with a stagnant economy, assisted in the rise of the Islamic State group, and grew the national debt by nearly 10 trillion dollars

But early on, he put too much of the blame on his predecessor — George W. Bush — on economic and political policies, when he should have been working his tail off to fix them.

So, while the 44th president blamed Bush for nearly everything under the sun, President Donald Trump has yet to call out Obama’s disastrous legacy or attack what he’s left behind.

Trump has merely been busy working — even on weekends — because he knows that blaming others will fix nothing. His career in business and his innate conservatism has taught him that being the “top dog” means he is the one responsible for his actions.

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