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Imagine If 4 White People Tortured A Disabled Black Kid… Here’s What Would Happen



The following is a scenario taken directly from what happened on the Facebook Live video of four black individuals perpetrating a hate crime against a white special needs kid who happens to be a Trump supporter…

Except the four perpetrators are white and the victim is black. Here’s what would happen after the video was discovered:

One hour after: Complete and utter shock around the globe — by both sides of the political spectrum. The social media engine goes from 0-1000mph in minutes. The political right and whites brace for impact.

Two hours after: The media pundits and the politicians are wholly stunned. They cannot believe their eyes — and they won’t cover any other stories.

Four hours after: Plans to riot form. The liberal media begins to spin the story to progress their agenda. The media investigates and says the white perpetrators are Trump supporters or simply “racist.” The local police department immediately declares it a “hate crime” of the first order — because it is.

One day after: Marching takes place in the street. African-Americans are setting their communities on fire, looting their own stores — for “justice.” Black Lives Matter is in full gear, generalizing and dumbing down all whites once again. The middle-to-right side of the political spectrum just want the white perpetrators brought to justice, just as any other criminal.

One week after: The riots ease up. Black Lives Matter’s social front is still cooking with gas. Buzzfeed, Salon, Slate, and other liberal fringe blogs are now publishing hit-pieces against whites, demanding that they “look into their hearts.” Liberal politicians and professional race-hustlers are on the prowl, spouting their opinion on the matter day-in and day-out.

One month after: The kidnapping crisis now becomes a critical juncture in the race war by blacks against whites, despite people of all races, ages, and nationalities denouncing the tragic event. The parents of the kid who was tortured finally speak out, giving a final breath of fire to the race-baiters of the world.

But none of this happened when a white kid was kidnapped, tortured, tied up, and scalped by four blacks in Chicago — and the entire event was even posted on the internet for all to see.

The media is silent.

Black Lives Matter is silent.

Politicians are silent.

It’s just “another day” in America — and that’s truly a shame. The reaction should be the same for every color and race — shock, disgust, anger, or, quite frankly, nothing at all. But the idea of “never letting a good tragedy go to waste” is a hallmark of progressivism.

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