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OOPS: Liberals Call Trump’s Pro-Putin Tweet “Treason,” Forget What Obama Did In CUBA…



While President-Elect Donald Trump praises Vladimir Putin for pretty much not starting World War III in the final days of Barack Obama’s presidency, liberals are throwing a massive hissy fit.

They are now accusing Trump of “treason” after thanking Putin for his “delay” on escalating tensions with the United States.

However, it seems they have all forgotten the moment when President Obama flew down to Cuba and re-opened relationships with the vengeful, destructive Castro brothers.

While that’s treasonous in and of itself, that’s only half the story.

It’s especially treason when an American president shows pride in standing in front of a huge depiction of a mass murderer — Che Guevara.

We can’t forget Israel either, but that’s another issue entirely.

President Obama has gotten away with aiding terrorists, communists, and mass murderers, yet done nothing for the working class and regular Americans of his own country.

There is no one more treasonous than Barack Hussein Obama.

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