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Can You Imagine The Media’s Reaction If Michelle Obama Was Harassed On An Airplane?



Oh, if Michelle Obama was harassed like Ivanka Trump was on the JetBlue airplane, there would be a freakout of epic proportions.

Martha Raddatz would be crying on live television (again). Rachel Maddow would be throwing her fists in the air and shouting in “defense” of women everywhere. The New York Times would publish articles generalizing Trump supporters as sexist or racist — but more likely both.

Michelle Obama would be given a day of solidarity by leftist organizations and media outlets everywhere. President Obama would blame Fox News and Rush Limbaugh (again).

And lastly, conservatives everywhere would be subject to vitriolic name-calling and untrue, generalistic slurs — pretty much like every single day.

The double standard would be more obvious than ever. Ivanka Trump’s embarrassing incident on JetBlue was hardly covered by the media (because they don’t care about the Trumps) and the actions of the bitter anti-Trump supporter weren’t utterly condemned by Democrat leaders.

While Donald Trump told his own supporters to “Stop it” after the media had overblown an instance of racial slurs thrown at Hillary fans, the failed Democratic presidential candidate remains silent about her own supporters’ unfettered and baseless hatred of those who support conservative principles.

Killing the mainstream media is the only way the duplicity will die away.

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