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JUST IN: Before Cop-Killer Murdered An Officer, He Wrote 8 HARROWING Words Online…



The flagrant anti-police rhetoric of the left is fueling some of the most egregious acts in our society today — mocking, hating, harming, and killing law enforcement officers.

Brietbart reports:

A manhunt for the killer of a Pennsylvania state trooper who responded to a domestic disturbance before being shot has ended after an overnight search. The suspected cop-killer is dead.

“The only good cop is a dead cop,” Jason Robinson, the 32-year-old alleged cop-killer posted on Facebook earlier this month, according to the Central Daily Times in State College, Pennsylvania. The post was reported to have been deleted from Facebook about 1 a.m. on Saturday morning. The post was said to include an image of a police cruiser that crashed and a photo of an injured police officer.

Here was his post:

Thankfully, the Pennsylvania State Police confirmed Robinson’s life was taken after the sprawling manhunt throughout the state — however, the did not state if he died by an engagement with law enforcement or if he committed suicide.

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