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BREAKING: John McCain Teams Up With Obama AGAINST Trump… This Is NOT GOOD



John McCain is officially tag teaming with outgoing President Obama in order to discredit and stifle the landslide victory of PEOTUS Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, Obama placed politically-motivated sanctions on Russia and expelled 35 Russian intelligence operatives.

And despite there being no evidence to substantiate the “Russian hacking” claim, John McCain is all in with Obama.

Washington Examiner reports:

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., condemned provocations by the Russian government in the strongest of terms Friday, calling the Kremlin’s interference in the U.S. elections process an “act of war.”

The chairman of the Armed Services Committee made the comment during a visit to Ukraine, a country that is no stranger to Russian cyberattacks.

“When you attack a country, it’s an act of war,” the Arizona senator said on a Ukrainian TV channel, according to a Reuters report.

“And so we have to make sure that there is a price to pay, so that we can perhaps persuade the Russians to stop these kind of attacks on our very fundamentals of democracy,” he added.

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