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OOPS: Al Sharpton Changes His Tune On Moving To Canada After Trump Victory



Al Sharpton vowed to leave the country if Donald Trump was elected.

Turns out, he was just “joking.”

News pundit Wayne Dupree gave the run down of what happened:

“Sharpton, along with other media pundits are in a pickle because the false narrative they pushed about Trump being racist and using dog whistles, as they reported it, are going to destroy the country.

“We must remember, the media had laid the groundwork to try to destroy the Trump presidency as they built the support system to propel Barack Obama into sainthood when he was elected in 2008. The media is not our friend; they are an operational arm of the Democratic party, and they continue to hurt the journalism field.

“You can always count on Sharpton to make sure it is all about race.

“He knows that Trump is going to set Attorney General (AG) Jeff Sessions loose on his rear once he gets into office.

“He is a professional shakedown artist, and he has been very successful at it. The gravy train is about to end, and Sharpton knows it. I am looking forward to sitting back and watching him doing the perp walk Hillary hopefully will be next to him.”

Al Sharpton’s days are numbered.

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