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Obama Tells Trump That Presidency Can’t Be Treated “Casually”… After He Golfs 324 TIMES



Obama’s hypocritical tendencies are showing once again.

According to Fox News, in a Thursday speech in Berlin, Germany, the president issued a curt statement to President-Elect Donald Trump on the importance of the presidency:

“The president-elect is going to see fairly quickly that demands and responsibilities of a U.S. president are not ones you can treat casually.”

However, Obama’s actually the person who has not taken the “demands and responsibilities” of the presidency seriously.

While Obama put on a polo shirt and golfed his eight years away with over 300 games, Donald Trump ran golf courses, put people to work, put food on the tables of families, and will do the same as president.

That’s the leadership America needs — not someone who golfs while terrorist attacks are occurring, floods are ravaging the States, and tensions are rising with Russia.

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