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Obama Gets 13,210 More Refugees Into US… But Here’s Why The Media’s Not Said A WORD



Thanks to President Obama and his administration, more than 13,000 Syrian refugees have resettled here in the United States since January of this year. That’s a 675% increase over the number of refugees we welcomed this time a year ago.

Syrians have experienced persecution firsthand, which U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called genocide in March 2016. That still has not stopped the Syrian influx, which contains Islamic terrorists. A comparison of October 2016 to October 2015 shows a 593% increase in Muslim refugees welcomed to the United States. Just last month, 1,297 Muslims came into our country.

The real concern about the Syrian refugee resettlement Obama has welcomed with open arms is that less than one percent of these immigrants are Christian.

The other 99%? Well, they’re Muslims.

Most of them are Sunnis and only a handful or Shi’a or other practitioners of the Muslim faith. Now, while the Sunnis are quick to point out that the Shi’as are a horrible threat to everyone else, the Muslim Brotherhood is a largely Sunni organization. Their accusation is really the pot calling the kettle black.

The U.S. accepts refugees based on the five tenets of the 1951 Refugees Convention, but applicants who are persecuted based on religion, which is one of the criteria, should not get a priority pass because they are Muslim.

Not worried yet? Dearborn, Michigan, is already operating under Sharia Law, and Islam is being taught in American public schools, although these same learning institutions cannot teach about other religions.

Muslims are penetrating every organization in America – the military, the schools and even the government; reinforcements are coming across our borders daily. Texas alone has had nearly 2800 Syrian refugees cross across their borders, but every southern border state has seen a phenomenal increase in identified refugees.

No wonder there’s a whole lot less elbow room these days. Without monitoring the refugee action, there may be a whole lot less religious freedom, too.

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