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BREAKING: Trump Keeps 1,000 Jobs From Going To Mexico



Donald Trump’s already making America great again — and he hasn’t even stepped foot in the White House.

Carrier Air Conditioning, the company that got a great deal of notoriety after a viral video was posted in which managers told a crowd of employees that their jobs were going to Mexico, struck a big deal with the president-elect.

The Daily Caller reported:

On Tuesday night, CNBC reported that a deal had been struck to keep about 1,000 jobs in the U.S., representing more than two-thirds of the 1,400 that were to be outsourced. The deal, CNBC said, was spearheaded by vice president-elect and outgoing Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, and will be officially announced Thursday during a visit by Trump to the state.

This is a huge victory for Americans and a great first step for Trump.

Amidst this fiscal cliff we are in, there are many snares that lie ahead — but with Trump’s business experience and great hires in Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, American workers will finally be put first.

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