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BOOM: Ivanka Rips Into Common Core, Exposes REAL Issue With American Education…



Going back to school is part of Ivanka Trump’s campaign schedule for her father and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In visits to charter and public schools like The Founders Academy in Manchester, NH, Ivanka said, “There are many great innovators in the field of education.” These innovators are who should be teaching our children, but unfortunately, these teachers rarely remain in the education profession.

They are driven out by bureaucratic red tape that prevents them from teaching what children need to know. The Common Core curriculum is a top-down nightmare that convolutes learning and pushes high stakes testing, while requiring teachers to focus on filling out an inordinate amount of useless paperwork.

Where does the blame for poor performance and our inability to compete educationally in a global environment lie?

Ivanka has seen that, “It’s not for a lack of teachers, but a big part of the issue is this one size fits all, Washington, D.C. down approach to education.”

Teachers know what to do, and they want to do it, but the top-down education approach chokes any chance of meaningful and authentic learning.

“They want the flexibility to be able to teach in a tailored, customized way that will excite their classes and the very formulaic approach is failing our students, so my father has been a huge proponent of repealing Common Core and that message has been popular with people across this country because they see it failing within their communities, with their kids and their neighbors.”

This formulaic approach to education, as well as standardized testing, dictates not only what to teach but how to teach it.

“This is our country’s future and the foundation for the next generation often starts in our schools,” Ivanka stressed. Donald Trump will remove the Common Core and make sure every child has the education he or she deserves.

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