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Reporter Learns Women Who Took Selfie With Trump “Changed Their Opinion” Of President



On Saturday, President Donald Trump visited Houston, TX to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and boost morale of the locals.

In fact, he did so well at boosting morale, that locals who initially thought poorly of him — likely through the barrage of negative press over the last 2 years — are now changing their minds completely.

This is what ABC7 reporter Elex Michaelson discovered when he located the women who had taken a selfie with the President Trump:

“Evacuees who snapped this selfie with Donald Trump says the encounter changed their opinion of him. Found him to be kind, reassuring.”

He then posted the selfie, where Trump is smiling with two elated black women.

This is why the mainstream media is not covering Trump’s trip and is distracting Americans with feigned outrage over things like the First Lady’s shoes — the more people see the president in action, the more people like him.

And that scares the media to death.

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