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Puerto Rican Citizen Sends Shockwaves Through Mainstream Media… Trump Vindicated



The mainstream media and far-left Democrats on Capitol Hill are creating a massive fake news scandal about President Donald Trump.

According to them, the commander in chief is “playing politics” with the lives of Puerto Rican residents affected by Hurricane Maria, saying that his assistance of the U.S. territory has been “completely incompetent.”

However, just the opposite is true — the fault really lies on the shoulders of the Puerto Rican government for not adequately distributing the massive amount of supplies sent in by federal disaster-relief programs.

Then, a post by Puerto Rican native Richard Alvarez surfaced — he brought to light exactly what’s going on.

“Hello FB Friends. Just want to clear the air. I’m on the ground in Puerto Rico, I’m walking the streets with my wife every day, we are experiencing the pain and devastation that Maria left behind. I’m heard a lot of noice about US not helping the people PR, THAT IS NOT TRUE, EVERY single federal agency possible is here on the ground kicking some major ass, there are thousands go Military, Homeland security, FEMA personnel and the list goes on and on.

“If you have opinions with political agendas, I want to tell you that is not helping the cause.

“It’s time to unite and stop the stupidity, but that is a right that every American has — you are totally entitled to be wrong and look like an ass.” Alvarez concluded.

Americans need to continue to fight against the extreme anti-Trump bias of the far-left and focus on the facts — like the fact that Puerto Rico has supplies and aid but is not distributing them in a timely manner.

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