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Next Time A Liberal Calls Kid Rock A ‘Racist,’ Just Show Them This…



Liberals are doing everything they can to tear down legendary singer and potential Michigan Senate candidate Kid Rock.

However, anyone labeling him a “racist” would be gravely mistaken — in 2011, the Grammy-nominated artist was given the prestigious “Great Expectations Award” by the Detroit NAACP.

“I love America. I love Detroit, and I love black people,” the musician said during the annual Fight for Freedom Fund dinner at Cobo Center.

In addition, during the NAACP ceremony, Kid Rock dismantled the biggest criticism lodged against him — his use of the Confederate flag. He stated that it has nothing to do about how he feels about blacks, but is a throwback to a popular Lynyrd Skynyrd song.

Detroit NAACP President Wendell Anthony said Ritchie was being honored for his advocacy of the city.

“We’re not lifting up the flag,” Anthony said earlier Sunday. “We’re lifting up a gentleman who has worked very hard to be a booster for Detroit.”

NBC reports that Kid Rock also gave $100,000 during the event, which went to various causes:

Rock, who’s real name is Robert James Ritchie, announced $50,000 in donations from his foundation to Detroit recreation centers, a conservancy on the city’s Belle Isle, a youth theater group, a youth training agency and Habitat for Humanity.

Ritchie also announced that his foundation would be donating $50,000 to storm relief efforts in tornado-ravaged states.

“We’re fortunate enough that we haven’t been touched by Mother Nature like our friends in the South have,” he said.

“That’s what Detroit city is all about,” Ritchie added in announcing the donations.

Kid Rock gets Great Expectations Award from Rev. Wendell Anthony, head of Detroit NAACP.

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