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Liberals Say Kid Rock Violated Federal Campaign Law Even Though He’s Not Running Yet



Liberals are desperately scared of a potential senate run from legendary singer Kid Rock.

So scared, in fact, that he’s already being accused of violating federal campaign finance laws despite not even officially running.

On Friday, a far-left group called “Common Cause” submitted an official complaint to the Department of Justice, claiming his “t-shirt and speculative U.S. Senate merchandise sales” should make Kid Rock an official candidate. They want the singer to start disclosing his financials and funding.

Kid Rock is being accused of violating federal law by touting his campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate this summer and selling campaign merchandise, but without formally registering as a candidate and making certain public disclosures, according to a complaint filed on Friday by the group Common Cause.

“Regardless of whether Kid Rock says he’s only exploring candidacy, he’s selling ‘Kid Rock for Senate’ merchandise and is a candidate under the law. This is campaign finance law 101,” Paul S. Ryan, Common Cause’s vice president for policy and litigation said in a statement. “Given the activities we’ve documented in the complaint, he can’t reasonably claim to be merely testing the waters of candidacy and thus exempt from candidate filing requirements. He is a candidate and is obligated to abide by all the rules and make the same disclosures required of everyone else running for federal office.”

WE reports:

Common Cause is urging the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission to start an investigation into Kid Rock’s campaign and “impose appropriate sanctions for any and all violations” that apply to the Federal Election Campaign Act.

The organization is also taking aim at Warner Bros. Records, Kid Rock’s label, and argues the company acted as a “conduit” for people to contribute to the campaign.

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