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Chelsea Handler Attacks Trump’s Deceased Brother



Liberal Netflix host Chelsea Handler has officially crossed this line.

On Friday, Handler mocked the death of President Donald Trump’s older brother — Fred Trump Jr. — during an interview with former CBS anchor Dan Rather, suggesting Trump would say in a hypothetical interview that he was “OK with that” because his brother did not have the “will to survive.”

Free Beacon reports:

In a brief segment of their six-minute interview that aired Friday, Handler played Trump and took potential questions from Rather. The longtime journalist first said he would ask Trump what was the worst mistake he had made—Handler, as Trump, joked he does not make many—before then asking, “What in life has hurt you the most?”

“You know, Dan, I’m just not somebody that is able to feel pain, because things just roll off my back like a duck. But, I mean, if you really want me to talk about something emotional in my life, I mean, my brother died,” Handler said as Trump. “I was kind of OK with that, because if he didn’t have the will to survive this world, you know, it’s a tough man’s game, and that’s why I’m here, and that’s why I’m the president, can you believe it?”

Rather went on to ask Handler — still as Trump — what he learned from his brother’s death and how he would apply it later in life. Handler was impressed.

“That’s good. See, you’re a really good interviewer, and you’re also a professional, which is like a double whammy,” she said. “That’s good, because he can’t get away from that.”

Trump is a teetotaler and has stated that he does not drink after witnessing the fate of his brother, Fred Trump Jr., who died of alcoholism in 1981 at age 43. He told the New York Times last year that the addictions of his brother, who was eight years his senior, made him avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

Handler was one of numerous celebrities to claim she would leave the country if Trump were elected president. She has not done so to date. She has called for a military coup to remove Trump from office, bragged about saying “I can’t even with you” to Ivanka Trump, and called for laws against people who find “racism funny.”

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