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Chelsea Clinton Tries To Spin Trump’s Comments On Relief Efforts… Embarrasses Herself



Despite all the help President Donald Trump has orchestrated and allocated for rebuilding Houston, TX after Hurricane Harvey, he’s still getting hate.

And this time, it comes from none other than Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton.

She hit the president with a haughty attack after Trump told the press that the response to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey has been a “wonderful thing.”

A video clip by ABC News of Trump’s remarks captioned, “[President Trump] at Houston relief center: “As tough as this was,” the response “has been a wonderful thing, I think, even for the country to watch.”

However, Clinton spun his comments on Twitter, tweeting: “People lost their lives, loved ones, homes, beloved pets. Many thousands of people face uncertain futures. Our President on #Harvey:”

She tried to make the president look like he was saying Hurricane Harvey was a good thing — but it didn’t work out so well.

Here is another post by ABC with Trump’s remarks captioned in the video, proving Chelsea Clinton is in the wrong to try to attack Trump over this:

Then, she got destroyed on her Twitter feed:

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