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JUST IN: NFL Ratings Down BIG After First Game… This Is Why You Don’t Disrespect The Flag



On Thursday night, during the NFL’s 2017 season-opener, the Kansas City pulled off a major upset in its thrilling 42-27 upset against the New England Patriots.

However, the ratings during the game were horrendous — it was nearly a 12 percent drop from the season opener a year ago.

Thus, the downward trend of NFL ratings continues.

OGL reports:

“NBC’s broadcast of the game drew an overnight rating of 14.6, the lowest for a season opener since 2009, when the Tennessee Titans opened the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers to a 12.8 rating.

“It’s also is a drop of almost 12 percent from the 16.5 from a year ago, when the Denver Broncos-Carolina Panthers game opened the season. The decline is troubling for networks and for the league,” Oregon Live reports.

Over the last year, a lot of Americans have engaged in the “#BoycottNFL” over the league’s apathy to players disrespecting the flag and the National Anthem.

If the NFL doesn’t move quickly to stop players from scorning the America that enables them to make millions upon millions, the football audience is going to continue to deteriorate.

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