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BREAKING: Kathy Griffin Gets Devastating News…



On Friday, comedian Kathy Griffin announced on Twitter that her sister, Joyce, has died of cancer.

“My sister Joyce passed away peacefully last night. Check out this beautiful moment.Support @AmericanCancer,” Griffin captioned a short video of her sister enjoying from her bed a live performance by two musicians in a hospital.

Breitbart reports:

Friday’s tweet also featured photos of Joyce in happier days and ended with a cartoon drawing of a smiling, sunglass-wearing woman sitting near the ocean.

“This is where she always wanted to be… and now she’s having a Mai Tai on a beach in Heaven,” said a message alongside the image.

Kathy shaved her head last month to show her support for sister as she underwent chemotherapy.

Their brother Gary died in January 2014 after having esophageal cancer for more than two years.

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