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Bernie’s Latest Scheme Gives SICK Gift To Illegals… Founding Fathers Rolling In Their Graves



When America was being established, the brilliant Founding Fathers looked at hundreds of governments throughout history to learn how to create the most free, just, and safe society in the world.

And the latest action from self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders undermines everything the founders stood for.

Inside the text of the Vermont senator’s latest “single-payer” healthcare proposal, illegals aliens living in he United States will be granted access to his “free gift” of government-subsidized healthcare — which, in reality, is funded by everyone who pays a dime in taxes.

TDC reports:

The bill, dubbed “Medicare For All Act of 2017,” extends an enhanced version of Medicare coverage, absent virtually all out of pocket costs, to every U.S. resident, regardless of age or immigration status.

“IN GENERAL.—Every individual who is a resident of the United States is entitled to benefits for health care services under this Act. The Secretary shall promulgate a rule that provides criteria for determining residency for eligibility purposes under this Act,” the bill reads.

The language suggests that the roughly 11 million illegal immigrants who currently reside in the U.S. will be eligible to receive extensive medical and dental coverage at no personal expense.

If passed, the legislation would effectively eliminate the private insurance market by instituting the federal government as the sole insurance purchaser. The bill includes a four-year rollout period in which coverage would gradually expand from adults aged 55 and older and children, to middle aged and young adult residents.

While single payer health care has lingered on the far left fringes of American politics since Sanders began championing the idea in the 1990s, progressive leaders within the Democratic Party have recently embraced the idea using the same “rights” rhetoric that made Sanders so popular during the 2016 campaign.

While it it remains unclear exactly how the government would finance the extensive social welfare program, Sanders has repeatedly argued that the savings derived from eliminating out of pocket health care expenses will offset any tax increase required to fund the program.

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