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Ted Nugent Turns Tables On Media And “Alt-Left”… Tells America Who’s REALLY The Racists



Conservative rocker Ted Nugent delivered a slap-down of the mainstream media and alt-left agitators on Wednesday, backing up President Trump’s Charlottesville remarks.

“All lives matter and we condemn all violence,” the 68-year-old music legend noted in a Fox News interview, immediately rolling up asking how are saying those words were wrong.

Then he dropped the hammer, revealing who the real racists are:

“We condemn all violence… that’s what Pres. Trump said,” he added. “And all lives matter. If you don’t agree with that you’re a racist. All violence is condemnable. Violence and hate came from many sources and we can condemn them all.”

“It was all sides…they’re lunatic fringe,” he continued. “They don’t represent the heart and soul of America. It’s all part of a bunch of lunatic fringe pissing and moaning and fighting.”

“There were numerous factions involved,” Nugent explained, after being asked by Fox News host Kat Timpf why President Donald Trump didn’t specifically condemn a certain group.

“And in the face of tragedy, American’s always take the high road and do the right thing.” the rocker concluded. “So our prayers go out to the victims and we hope that the lunatic fringe will be suppressed and contained.”


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