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As Alt-Left Tears Down Statues, Alabama Makes Shock Move To Honor Confederate Soldiers…



The “Tomb Of The Unknown Solider” in Arlington, VA is getting a little brother.

While leftists across the nation forcibly remove confederate statues and deface others, Montgomery, Alabama is slated to have a Confederate memorial erected later this month.

The monument, which is dedicated to “unknown Confederate soldiers,” is currently being installed in Brantley, AL and will be unveiled formally during an afternoon ceremony at the end of the month.

“The public’s invited,” Jimmy Hill, commander of the Alabama division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, said. “Anyone who wants to can come to celebrate the unveiling of another monument to Confederate soldiers.”

WT reports:

Dry Creek’s operator, fellow Sons of Confederate Veterans member David Coggins, has maintained a Confederate memorial park on an adjacent plot of privately owned land since 2015, the likes of which is currently adorned with replica cannons, lights and various commemorative markers.

“It’s been a dream for him to make the park better and better,” Mr. Hill told the website, starting with this month’s unveiling of the unknown soldiers monument.

“He’s putting it up [to memorialize] soldiers who came out of Crenshaw County or surrounding counties who never came home,” Mr. Hill told the website.

“He had the marker made over in Georgia for the unknown Confederate soldiers. It won’t be as elaborate as the unknown soldier’s tomb in Arlington,” he added.

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