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Special Item In Trump’s Office Is Stopping Neo-Nazis In Their Tracks… Media Got It All Wrong



Only a handful of people have been awarded what is hanging in President Donald Trump’s office in New York City.

It’s the Tree of Life Award — the highest honor the Jewish National Fund awards, celebrating the recipient’s dedication to the cause of American-Israeli friendship, community involvement, and devotion to “peace and security of human life.”

Yet, all of a sudden, as soon as businessman and real-estate mogul Trump began his run for president, he’s somehow affiliated with every anti-semitic and racist group under the sun.

And while Charlottesville’s Neo-Nazi’s claim to stand with Trump, he certainly doesn’t stand with them — or else the highest Jewish honor possibly bestowed would not be hanging in his private office in Trump Tower.

The commander in chief is in good company with this award as well. Here are some other notable names that have been recipients of the Tree of Life Award: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, HUD Secretary Ben Carson,  Isaac Stern, and Arthur G. Cohen.

He received the award at a gala in 1983 — and the Jewish National Fund has not even the slightest intention of rescinding it. Watch Trump mention it during an office tour:

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