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Remember When Obama Pardoned This Guy? He’s 100,000 Times Worse Than Joe Arpaio.



The media outrage over President Donald Trump’s pardon of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is laughable.

Why? Because that very same media never bat an eye at the fact that former President Obama commuted the sentences of over 1000 people in jail for drug crimes.

In addition, the media never expressed a hint of disapproval at the fact that Obama pardoned 74-year-old Oscar Lopez Rivera — a radical Marxist responsible for an era of domestic terrorism in Puerto Rico, hundreds of bombings, and a massive attempt to overthrow the government (“seditious conspiracy”).

Here’s the truth about Lopez and his reign, per Politico:

“The organization Lopez helped lead, the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional (FALN), was a radical Marxist Puerto Rican independence group. From 1974, when the group announced itself with its first bombings, to 1983, when arrests finally destroyed its membership base, the FALN was the most organized, active, well-trained and deadly domestic terror group based in the United States.

“The FALN was responsible for over 130 bombings during this period, including the January 1975 explosion in Manhattan’s historic Fraunces Tavern, which killed four and wounded 63. In October of that year, it set off, all within the span of an hour, 10 bombs in three cities, causing nearly a million dollars in damage. In August 1977, the FALN set off a series of bombs in Manhattan, forcing 100,000 workers to evacuate their offices; one person was killed, and six were injured. In 1979, the group even threatened to blow up the Indian Point nuclear energy facility located north of New York City. It later sent a communiqué warning the U.S. to “remember … that you have never experienced war on your vitals and that you have many nuclear reactors.” In 1980, FALN members stormed the Carter-Mondale election headquarters in Chicago, and the George H.W. Bush campaign headquarters in New York, holding employees there hostage at gunpoint. In 1981, they plotted to kidnap President Reagan’s son Ron.

“Plainly, the group was deadly serious about its objectives — a free, independent and socialist Puerto Rico — and zealous in its pursuit of them.”

Despite the evil that Lopez and his group committed against thousands of innocent lives, President Obama pardoned him.

Where was the media outrage then?

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