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Portrait Of VP Mike Pence Released… What They Added To The Bottom Will Melt Your Heart



On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence unveiled his official governor portrait at an Indianapolis Statehouse ceremony.

At the event, the VP and his wife, Second Lady Karen Pence, showed up with Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb. They marked a state tradition of gubernatorial portraits that goes back to 1869.

Ironically, during the ceremony, Pence happened to be wearing the same tie that he is seen wearing in the portrait, so he slipped in a quick joke:

“I do have more than one tie,” he said, smiling.

People were tickled by the heartwarming additions to the portrait — in a very subtle manner, a bible was placed next to Pence on the desk, along with a photo of his family. Two law books that belonged to his father were also included on the other side.


Take a look:

“He thought that things are a bit more serious in Washington, D.C., than back here in the Hoosier state,” portrait artist Mark Dillman told The Indianapolis Star. “That’s one reason he wanted that friendlier, more casual appearance.”

Pence served as Indiana’s governor from 2013 to 2017, when he was sworn in as vice president.

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