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Man Calls Company That Hires Alt-Left Agitators… What He Recorded Was Stunning



A man by the name of Bill Holk exposed a huge scandal on Wednesday evening.

On Craigslist, a company put out several ad in several cities requesting people take part in protests. So, he gave the number a ring.

What he found out is that not only are these far-left agitators and demonstrators being paid to protest “white nationalists” and President Donald Trump, there is an intricate system by which it all takes place.

And he confirms the whole operation is funded by none other than billionaire George Soros. Here’s what he said:

“Had to share from someone else. Yes, it was funded by Soros. There was an ad placed in Craigslist. Called them myself. They specifically wanted protesters to protest against the white nationalists. $25 an hour.

“I asked if I could work all day, they said I could work “24 hours straight” if I wanted to! They were willing to pay $25 an hour for 24 hours. They had transportation ready from every state within the USA, too!

“I asked how would they know if I was working at all?Here’s the Good part, they had a tracker on you, sort of like a credit card. You had to check in ever 5 hours with a lead! I asked if I could work again, I was told that they had work for the next 3.5 years! This is real and will only get worse!” Holk concluded.

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