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Larry Elder Shames Kaepernick With Gut-Wrenching Message About “Why We Stand”



Colin Kaepernick and his flag-hating friends are back in the news upon the start of the new football season.

And top political commentator Larry Elder is not having it.

On Wednesday evening, Elder tweeted out a very subtle jab to every single athlete in America that’s consciously decided to kneel or sit during the national anthem.

He tweeted out, “This is why we stand…”

And attached, was a photo of a military wife crying on the flag-drapped casket of her husband:

Elder also commented on Kaepernick’s racism revelations from earlier this year, in which he used a racial slur against an opposing player:

“One might think that an athlete like Kaepernick, not long ago fined for calling an opposing player the N-word, would be a tad reluctant to blast America for its alleged racism and oppression. But this is about America’s racism, not his own. The Will Smith movie “Concussion” argues that football causes brain damage. As for Kaepernick, it might well be a case of early onset.”

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