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Hours After Governor Switches To Republican Party, Liberals Accuse Him Of Ties To Russia…



Jim Justice was a Democrat yesterday, and is a Republican today.

The first thing he decried upon announcing his game-changing switch was the complete ludicrousness of the Russia collusion hysteria.

And immediately, as if the Democrats haven’t learned a thing, they began to accuse him of collusion and connections to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Except all the accusations against Justice would have occurred when he was a Democrat. Oops?

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid had a particularly interesting story about these supposedly “damning” Russia connections (again, when he was a Democrat), saying Justice sold his coal mine for $600 million to Russian investors in 2012 (while Obama was destroying the industry) and bought it back earlier this year for just $5 million (after Trump deregulated the industry and freed coal miners).

We’re pretty sure President Trump would be proud of this deal conducted by Justice — in which is almost robbed Russia of $600 million!

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