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Unarmed White Woman Murdered In Minnesota, Dems SILENT After Shooter’s ID Revealed…



On Saturday, unarmed 40-year-old woman was killed by a police officer in Minnesota — and immediately the anti-cop chants began by far-left radicals.

But they weren’t prepared for what was about to hit them.

The officer is a muslim man.

Details are still emerging, but it’s beginning to look very clear that the officer was in the wrong to fire his weapon — don’t expect the mainstream media to give this story any coverage.

BPR reports:

Police sources have named the shooter as Officer Mohamed Noor, according to Kare 11.

Noor shot across his partner, striking and killing Damond, as she spoke to the officer driving the police car, according to sources.

Noor’s partner was described as “stunned” by the shooting.

He is the first Somali officer to work in the 5th Precinct, according to a Minneapolis newsletter.

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