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JUST IN: Trump Gives ICE Agents EPIC Instructions For All “Sanctuary Cities”



President Donald Trump has made a lot of moves to secure our southern border that have already equaled a downturn in the numbers of illegals crossing into America. That’s just from the deterrent effect and before a wall has even began being constructed.

But perhaps even better is what Trump has done for the men and women who battle on the border and in major cities every day to control the wave of illegals who threaten this great nation. His latest announcement is amazing.

Fox News reports:

The acting ICE director unveiled new plans to crack down on sanctuary cities, including the hiring of 10,000 more agents.

Thomas Homan told the Washington Examiner that he sees sanctuary cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and Chicago as “ludicrous” and plans to direct the extra agents to those areas.

“In the America I grew up in, cities didn’t shield people who violated the law,” he said.

Homan blasted state and local authorities who do not cooperate with ICE’s efforts to deport illegal immigrants after they’re arrested. He said the strategy makes it more dangerous for ICE agents, who then must try to track down the suspects on the streets.

He said ICE will continue to place the higher priority on criminal aliens and those who represent a threat to the community.

Speaking to Neil Cavuto last week, Homan said those who cross the border illegally can no longer assume no one is looking for them.

“[President Trump] basically told [us] you can now do your job, you will enforce laws on your books. There’s no population of alien that’s off the table anymore and we’ve been waiting on that for a decade now,” said Homan.

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