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OOPS: Reebok Trashes Trump In New Ad, Instantly Get EXACTLY What They Deserve…



Here is yet another example of why you don’t mess with conservatives — or people with simple common sense.

During President Donald Trump’s trip to France, there was a moment in which he complimented the French First Lady, saying, “You’re in such good shape… Beautiful.”

However, according to liberals, this was “sexual harassment” and “pure evil” — and unfortunately, sports wear company Reebok decided to join in on the attack with a graphic they published on Twitter.

Here’s what it was:

Immediately after Rebook published this tweet, comedian Jim Norton turned the tables on Reebok’s virtue signaling.


This is yet another lesson on why it’s never a good idea for companies to get politically involved, and worse yet, to lecture people about “morality” and “political correctness.”

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