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OOPS: Bill de Blasio Travels To G20 To Attack Trump… It Backfires IMMEDIATELY



NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio made a big mistake.

In the midst of problems regarding New York’s homelessness, violence against police officers, and utter mess of a public transportation system, he jets off to Germany — on the taxpayer’s dime — to speak to G20 protestors.

Greg Gutfeld said it best: “De Blasio is a horrible little man-child if I’ve ever seen one.”

The Daily Mail reports:

‘The Mayor will depart this evening for Berlin & Hamburg, Germany. He will attend several events surrounding the G20. +details to follow,’ de Blasio’s spokesman Eric Phillips tweeted.

He is due to address ‘Hamburg Zeigt Haltung’, which translates into ‘Hamburg Shows Attitude,’ which has been dubbed a ‘tolerant, diverse, and nonviolent’ protest event.

On its Facebook page, ‘Hamburg Zeigt Haltung’ writes: ‘We are a broad alliance of culture, society, churches, sports and politics and want to show an attitude on the 8th of the G20 summit in Hamburg. Attitude for respect, diversity, freedom of expression, tolerance and freedom of the press.’

After de Blasio made the trek overseas, it backfired quickly as Twitter went into an outrage. Instead of everyone protesting Trump, they protested the NYC mayor.

Even de Blasio’s mayoral opponent, Nicole Malliotakis, jumped in, ridiculing his trip to Germany with a hilariously photoshopped photo:

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