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Obama’s Right-Hand Woman Goes BONKERS On U.S. Marine… Immediately Regrets It



The Obama administration disrespected our military for eight long years.

And it still looks like they’re still doing that — months after President Donald Trump took office.

On Sunday, Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago lawyer and senior advisor to former President Barack Obama, took to Twitter to openly thank the ACLU for their “service” to the United States.

Then, a U.S. Marine responded with a simple statement:

“You never thanked a single service member for their service in eight years. Looking forward to your perp walk.”

Then, Jarrett went full caps-lock on this marine:

“I thank you for your service since I see you were a marine. Now for the facts. For 8 years I thanked our service members ALL OF THE TIME!”

Except, this wasn’t true — and there is proof. A simple Twitter search shows that Valerie Jarrett has never thanked a service member in her entire Twitter career.

She’s not going to live this one down.

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