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PERFECT: Triple Amputee Vet SILENCES Whiny Libs On Trump’s Transgender Ban…



Senior Airman Brian Kolfage, Jr put his life on the line for Americans in Iraq — and through his sacrifices and service, he’s a triple amputee with a Purple Heart.

During his second deployment for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004, while at Balad Air base, a 107mm rocket shell exploded about three feet from him, costing him his legs and his right arm.

But now, he just made a huge contribution to the culture war taking place in the United States. Here’s what he said about President Trump’s transgender soldiers ban on social media:

“I couldn’t care less about someone’s sexual preference, but when it comes to the military there shouldn’t be anyone who has any emotional baggage.

“Lives are at risk when we are at war, and by legalizing transgender soldiers to openly take part we are opening the door for all sorts of transformative surgeries which require massive amounts of hormone therapy (note: it’s called Hormone “therapy”) that are proven to cause mental and emotional stress.

“To have a successful military we cannot have a social political experiment forced on the majority of our warfighters. It’s not about the transgender aspect it’s about opening the door for a concoction of mental stressors that should not be mixed with war. When you are in war you don’t want the guy/girl next to you experiencing any type of crisis or emotional baggage, those small factors can get you killed.

“Take anyone who is stressed out, put them in a life threatening situation and it’s a recipe for disaster. You need to be cool calm collected and not under any influence of mood altering drugs or having any self-issues. There’s no faking it in war, and if your emotions are not on point you will get killed or even worse, get others killed; it’s not a video game.

“You don’t want the guy next to you in a fox hole having an identity crisis doped up on hormones making irrational decisions. I’m not saying someone who is transgender is not able to perform their duties, I’m saying opening the door legally is a pandora’s box for all kinds of special privileges that go against a team’s unity which will weaken that warfighter bond.

“This is probably one of those aspects where ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ should be applied but openly allowing it would force the military’s hand to provide care that will weaken our military and potentially cause others to get killed.

“By allowing it, you’d open the revolving door for people joining just to get a sex reassignment surgery for free! Think about that. The costs could be astronomical and attract the wrong type of people to fight wars. We want to be attracting people who join for the reasons of protecting our nation and making it better, not those looking for handouts on free sex assignment surgeries. That’s my 2 cents.”

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