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JUST IN: Trump Issues PERFECT Response To Hollywood After Brutal Ossoff Loss…



On Wednesday, Hollywood celebrities had a complete meltdown.

They pegged all their hopes and dreams on Georgia special election candidate Jon Ossoff — and he lost. But not only did he lose, he lost after $3o million was dumped into his campaign.

USANF reports:

Celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Chelsea Handler and Alyssa Milano spent a lot of time and money to help the Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff defeat Karen Handel. However, he fell short with 48% to Handel’s 52%.

One of the most famous Trump-haters in America, Rosie O’Donnell was among the first to throw some disrespectful words on President Trump following the Republican’s win in the election.

Another one in the list was Debra Messing and she tweeted:

“This is so hard to process, Joy.”

“Group hug, get in,” Alyssa Milano said.

However, after all the ruckus, President Trump stepped in and finished the Hollywood elites off with :


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