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SLAP DOWN: Kellyanne Conway HUMILIATES Anti-Trump, Fake News CNN



Kellyanne Conway has never been known to back down from a fight, both mentally and physically. President Donald Trump couldn’t have picked a tougher, more brutally honest spokesperson to represent his Make America Great Again agenda and the White House in general.

CNN was the latest victim of her intellectual superiority after their humiliating past few weeks of being exposed as a true anti-Trump, fake news organization time and time again. What Kellyanne just said couldn’t possibly be more true and we’re thrilled that she just took a stand!

Daily Caller reports:

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway blasted CNN’s anti-Trump office culture on Friday and dismissed the idea that Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski is a victim of sexism, calling that idea “really rich just for any woman who works here” because of Brzezinski’s attacks on women in the Trump White House.

Conway spoke with The Daily Caller after James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released a video showing a producer for CNN’s Chris Cuomo saying that Conway “looks like she was hit with a shovel” and calling her an “awful woman.”

“On this guy from CNN, it’s part of a culture where it’s accepted if not applauded to ridicule the President of the United States and his senior staff. And I’m sure people at CNN are hoping that the long holiday weekend, and as many of them have described to me that the ‘lowly junior status’ of this fellow, is supposed to fade into the Independence Day fireworks,” she said.

“It is symptomatic of a culture whether it’s the screaming lower third (of the TV screen) or the constant merciless attacks on the president and his senior staff. In many ways he (CNN producer Jimmy Carr)) was just joining in on the fun. I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for someone there to stand up and express their outrage at a high-ranking woman at the White House being talked about in such ways.”

Conway further added that the hysteria surrounding Trump’s tweets about Brzezinski and Scarborough is “a one-percenter’s conversation too.”

“Let’s be frank here, it’s a one-percenter’s conversation. I’m here for those people who need help, the women have no jobs, no healthcare, struggling with opioid addiction, whose kids have been murdered by illegal aliens who hadn’t been deported, had felony convictions — I’m here for all them, as is the president.”

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