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After Kathy Griffin Claimed Trump “Bullied” Her, Don Jr. Smashes Her Into A MILLION Pieces…



Kathy Griffin is doing what all liberals do — playing the victim card.

After receiving massive backlash for publishing a picture of her holding a bloodied, severed head of a lookalike of President Donald Trump, she decided to capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame with a controversial press conference.

On Friday, during that very press conference, she unjustifiably lashed out at the president, blaming him for all of her problems (ie. cancelled shows, rescinded endorsements, etc).

Then she had the gall to call the commander-in-chief a “bully.”

Boy, oh boy — Donald Trump Jr., the president’s oldest son, let her have it.

Here’s what he said:


“The only thing Kathy Griffin is a victim of is her own ignorance. 24 hours from a fake apology to victim status is impressive by an standard! It’s really hard to play victim when you decide it’s ok to attack the POTUS & HIS CHILD in a premeditated fashion,” Trump Jr. stated.

I think we can all agree with him — Kathy Griffin is a completely hypocrite and completely got what was coming to her.

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