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JUST IN: Chelsea Clinton Gets HORRIBLE News…



Chelsea Clinton has been embarrassed yet again, with her newly-released book getting beaten badly by Milo Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous.

Red Alert reports:

Just four months after Simon & Schuster dropped Milo Yiannopoulos’ book Dangerous despite receiving tens-of-thousands of preorders, the former Breitbart editor and now owner of Milo.Inc has released the book under his own publishing company.

Yiannopoulos’ fans and supporters were able to buy his book Dangerous on pre-order Sunday and within just a few hours it skyrocketed to number five on the bestseller list. It surpassed Chelsea Clinton’s children’s book She Persisted despite not having a major publisher.

“This is the book the liberals didn’t want you to read, they did everything they could to stop it and nonetheless we persisted and my fans have stuck by my side,” Yiannopoulos said to Red Alert Politics.

During it’s original release under Simon & Schuster, “Dangerous” had more than 75,000 books pre-sold according to the author, more than enough to guarantee a slot on the best sellers list. The new release date for the book is July 4th and among the topics included are feminism, gamers and culture.

“I’m releasing the book on Independence Day because we’re freeing ourselves of political correctness, social justice warriors, censorship, the corrupt leftist media, and man-hating feminism,” Yiannopoulos continued.

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