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BREAKING: ISIS Fighters STUNNED After Trump’s Travel Ban Being Reinstated…



Members of ISIS are stunned with the news coming out of the Supreme Court on Monday morning.

In fact, they really didn’t have much to say, as their jaws are likely still on the floor.

On an ISIS propaganda channel, within an app called “Telegram,” they somberly posted the news that President Donald Trump scored a major victory in the banishment of anyone from seven different Middle Eastern countries with terror ties.

The ISIS individual who posted the news simply said the following:

The US Supreme Court awards Trump a victory and allows parts of his travel ban. [المحكمة العليا الأمريكية تمنح ترامب انتصارا وتجيز أجزاء من حظر السفر الذي أصدره].”

They’re not taking it well. Here’s what it looked like:

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