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BREAKING: California Passes Shocking New Travel Ban… “Religious Discrimination”



After all the outrage surrounding President Donald Trump’s travel ban, California liberals enact a travel ban of their own.

They’re banning state-funded travel to four states that they have deemed to be “homophobic.”

Outraged Americans are saying California is “religiously discriminating” against Christianity with this new legislative move.

The Washington Times reports:

California’s just banned state-funded travel to four states that don’t meet the Democratic attorney general’s standards for providing LGBT protections.

That’s offensive. It’s an attack on Christianity, that’s what it is.

Because, after all, it’s the traditional family folk — the Christians, the Bible-thumpers, the Jesus freaks — who advocate for man-woman marriages, who oppose boys using girls’ bathrooms, who resist the cultural breakdown of the once-normal nuclear family, right? So when Democratic Attorney General Xavier Becerra just announced state employees may no longer tap tax dollars to travel from California to Texas, Alabama, South Dakota and Kentucky — in addition to the previously listed states of North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee — because of perceived anti-LGBT laws in place in those places, what he was really doing was banning travel to Christian-dominated states.

That’s religious discrimination.

That’s unconstitutional.

That’s unconscionable.

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