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JUST IN: Top Democrat FIRED After Shocking Hot-Mic Comment About Steve Scalise…



On Friday, Democrat Party leader in Nebraska, Phil Montag, was fired.

An audio recording captured him saying that he wished U.S. Congressman Steve Scalise had died after being shot.

“I’m glad he got shot. I’m not going to f***ing say that in public. I wish he was f***ing dead,” Montag says the recording.

WOWT reports:

Montag was talking about U.S. Representative Steve Scalise after he was shot practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game.

Scalise suffered life-threatening injuries and remains in the hospital. On Thursday, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb removed Montag as co-chair of the state party’s technology committee.

Kleeb says enough is enough.

“This violent rhetoric and this hate and these conspiracy theories has to stop. This is literally not helping anybody in this country,” she told WOWT 6 News.

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