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Rush Limbaugh Blows Liberals Away With Shock Statement On Gianforte “Body-Slamming”



On Thursday, radio host Rush Limbaugh messed with the liberals as he firmly denounced Montana Republican Greg Gianforte’s “body slamming” of a reporter, while also making a fool out of that same reporter.

Limbaugh started of his program saying that the attack, which consisted of Gianforte “punching and body-slamming” Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs, should be condemned.

“This cannot be accepted,” he said sternly. “This must be condemned.”

Then, he switched gears, going over the attack in a rather hilarious manner — he applauded the brawniness of Gianforte and called Jacobs a “Pajama Boy,” describing the attack as Jacobs being “unacceptably, brusquely and rudely thrown to the ground like 125-pound dishrag.”

“In Montana — ladies and gentlemen, I must do something. I must join the chorus of people condemning what happened out there,” Limbaugh opened up with. “This manly, obviously studly Republican candidate in Montana took the occasion to beat up a pajama-clad journalist, a Pajama Boy journalist out there.”

Limbaugh then asked the million dollar question.

“I wonder how many people in Montana are now gonna vote for the guy, though?”

“Then the election comes, and the Democrat loses. That’s been the case in every one of these special elections since Trump was inaugurated,” Limbaugh argued.

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