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While Media Continues Outrage, Donald Jr. Points Out One Thing No One Is Talking About…



The mainstream media outlets are doing everything in their power to bring the swamp-draining Trump administration to a screeching halt.

But Donald Trump Jr. is ignoring the drama and is helping his father fight against job-killing policies that hurt Americans.

On Thursday, the eldest son of President Trump shared a remarkable story detailing how the new administration has dropped unemployment claims at lowest level in 28 years. He had seven simple words on Twitter:

“Strange how this isn’t getting coverage. #maga.”

He shared a Washington Examiner article detailing the following:

“Total continuing claims for unemployment benefits ran at the lowest level in 28 years at the beginning of May, the Department of Labor reported Thursday morning in a new sign that the jobs market is still improving.

“The total number of unemployed workers receiving benefits fell to 1.9 million, the agency said, the lowest such mark since November of 1988, when the workforce was much smaller.

“Over the past month, the average number of continuing claims per week has clocked in at 1.95 million, the lowest number in 43 years,” the Washington Examiner reported.

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