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BREAKING: Obama Secretly Travels To Italy… People STUNNED At What He’s Doing Now



The Obamas are out, but their glamorous lifestyle and shady deeds are more prevalent than ever.

USANF reports:

The post-presidential holidays that former President Barack Obama was taking are apparently not over, because as soon as he arrived in Milan yesterday on a private jet, he went straight for the Park Hyatt hotel.

But that’s only the beginning. The reported numbers are leaving people with mouths wide open, as the presidential suite Obama stayed in cost reportedly over $9,150 per night. Obama was also set to deliver a sold-out speech today, with 3,500 people having paid $926 dollars per ticket, raising nearly $3.3 million for the Obama foundation, that was set up to help Obama carry out his project of “renewal and global progress.”

And there is more to his luxurious habits. While the Park Hyatt presidential suite costs roughly $10,000 per night, Obama will also be staying in a $20,000 per night hilltop villa in Tuscany, and he will be taking two floors in the swanky hotel.

While the thought of what he is going to do with his public-raised funds is horrible by itself, it is also disgusting how Obama is travelling the world like one of the elitists that he has publicly bashed for so many years.

Other reports claim the Obama’s new presidential center in Chicago will utilize much of these funds, where they have a plan to train what the referred to as the “next generation of community leaders and participants in civic engagement”. According to reports, the center will include “a state of teh art museum, classrooms, labs and outdoor spaces, conducting programs which will give visitors not just memories, but real tools to create change in their own communities.”

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