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First Lady Melania Trump Receives Stunning Welcome Into Israel



When former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in Israel years ago, they received a pleasant welcome.

But when President Donald Trump and the First Lady greeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, they received applause and accolades — and Melania Trump got a pep talk from an excited First Lady Sara Netanyahu.

The Trumps were not greeted as guests — they were greeted as family.

After eight bad years with Obama, you can see exactly why the Netanyahu’s were overjoyed with the administration’s arrival.

Here’s what Sara said to Melania Trump: “I talk about how great you are. I can testify to that. Because a majority of the people in Israel, unlike the media, they love us. So we tell them how you are great so they love you. We have very much in common. We’ll talk about it over dinner.”


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