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BUSTED: Democrat Rep. Corrine Brown Found GUILTY…



Former Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown has been caught red-handed.

Her campaign committee just released some damning evidence, showing she spend thousands on hotels and travel expenses after she was defeated in the Florida primaries.

Free Beacon reports:

Brown, who lost to former Florida State Sen. Al Lawson in the August 2016 primary, spent $11,278 on “lodging” at a Marriot Hotel in Bethesda, Maryland in late September 2016, nearly one month after the election.

In addition to the hotel expenditures, the campaign disclosed three “petty cash” transactions totaling more than $2,000 during the two-week span between October 16 and November 4.

A small amount ($185) also was spent on travel expenses in Houston, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida.

Thousands more were spent on more typical transactions following an election loss, such as payments to campaign vendors.

Brown and her chief of staff, Elias “Ronnie” Simmons, were indicted in July 2016 on 24 counts of fraud stemming from a sham foundation created by the former congresswoman.

More than $800,000 was deposited into Brown’s Virginia-based foundation, One Door for Education, which spent only $1,200 on charity.

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