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JUST IN: Trump To Honor Fallen Police Officers In A Way Obama NEVER Did…



While Barack Obama was president, he created and expedited tensions with America’s law enforcement by publicly siding with anti-police groups like Black Lives Matter.

Now, President Donald Trump is taking a completely different approach — he’s going to color the White House blue in honor of fallen police officers on Monday night.

Breitbart reports:

Plans to light the White House were detailed in a document signed by Trump declaring May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day, and kicking off police week in Washington D.C.

Trump also encouraged Governors to fly their flags at half-staff to remember the fallen law officials.

According to the White House, 118 officers killed in the line of duty in the United States last year, including 66 in malicious attacks.

Trump personally met with officials at the White House who suffered the loss of a police officer in their department and promised to prosecute crimes against law enforcement officials.

“We’re going to get it taken care of quickly,” he said.

The Trumps also lit the White House in blue light in April to recognize World Autism Awareness Day.

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