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Obama Gets Horrible News After Signing $65 MILLION Book Deal… This Changes Everything



Upon lining up and delivering some $400,000 speeches, as well as nabbing a $65 million book deal with his wife, former President Barack Obama’s received bad news from congress.

His retirement finances are in jeopardy, as his pension may be completely stripped from him — and former presidents make a nice sum of $207,800 a year.

The Daily Mail reports:

Lawmakers are considering a move to shrink the former president’s pension payment — dollar for dollar — for Oval Office retirees who collect more than $400,000 in income. Last year Obama vetoed a bill that did just that.

“The Obama hypocrisy on this issue is revealing,” Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz told USA Today. “His veto was very self-serving.”

Chaffetz and Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst plan to reintroduce the legislation soon.

The ranking Democrat on the House Oversight committee, Elijah Cummings, likely won’t stand in their way.

‘Cummings definitely supports the concept, and if we can work out the technical issues with the bill that arose late in the last Congress, we expect he would strongly support it again,’ his spokeswoman Jennifer Hoffman Werner said.

President Donald Trump has said he will not accept a salary during his time in office. It’s unclear whether he could collect a pension after his tenure comes to an end.

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