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UN Ambassador Sends Nikki Haley EPIC Text Message About America’s Leadership



Americans suffered 8 long years of “leading from behind” under the Obama administration but the moment President Donald Trump was sworn into office, that changed in a profound way.

UN Ambassador and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley recently shared a simple text message from a fellow ambassador that proves Trump is not only a grade-A leader, but the people he picked to represent this great nation are top shelf.

Washington Examiner reports:

Despite disruptive heckling from a hostile audience, United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley engaged in a rich and informative conversation with Greta Van Susteren at the Women in the World Summit on Wednesday evening.

The former South Carolina governor shared a powerful anecdote early in the discussion, mentioning a text message she received from another member of the UN’s Security Council earlier that day after she delivered remarks excoriating Russia over recent chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

“One of the text messages I got from the ambassador on the Security Council today was … ‘Thank you for what you said today. It’s so good to see America lead,'” Haley recounted, concluding, “And that’s what we’re trying to do.”

The crowd responded to that statement with a chorus of boos.

Haley’s anecdote comes after the Obama administration was panned for years by critics who believed it took a “lead from behind” approach to foreign policy. The former president infamously declined to follow through on his pledge to intervene in Syria militarily if the country crossed his “red line” and used chemical weapons.

Outlining her philosophy for global leadership to the audience on Wednesday, Haley explained, “The way you lead is to make sure they know what you’re for, they know what you’re against, and they never question where you are.”

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