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Trump’s Cruise Missile Attack Was Only Round 1… Look What’s Planned NEXT



After Thursday night’s tomahawk cruise missile strike on a Syrian airbase, it was only a matter of hours before President Donald Trump’s top cabinet members announced the White House’s next move against the war-torn country.

What they have in store for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad now will likely have him regretting some of his recent decisions.

The Daily Caller reports:

Just hours after the United States launched a missile attack against a Syrian air base Thursday night, the White House announced that added sanctions against the country are forthcoming.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson briefed reporters from Florida about the strike Friday.

According to the press pool, Mnuchin said sanctions against Syria are forthcoming, but didn’t elaborate on what those will look like.

Tillerson said the sanctions will be determined by how Syria responds to the strike. He added that the strike Thursday night decimated 20 percent of the seventh wing of the Syrian air force, then addressed reports that the base’s runway was still usable. Tillerson said it was not a target in the strike “because of its structure.”

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